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A star is worn...

Society is proud of its affiliations and since the eighties a simple

t-shirt was a pledge of allegiance to specific bands. Simply put, it told people what you like. It was about your identity. 

Back then, one could buy a pewter necklace, a highly detailed piece of memorabilia, found at concerts played by metal and hard rock bands like Def Leppard, Metallica and Whitesnake. Since then, 
t-shirts, caps and patches are the norm, with a few more items besides.

It is our goal to recreate the joy of wearing a special piece of jewellery that brings together the passion between a band and their fans for the music. 

These pieces are unique to us and are not available in stores.

Our 925 sterling silver jewellery is handmade in our workshop by expert artisans and every piece is finished to the highest standard. The majority of our packaging is recyclable and/or contains post-consumer recycled content.

our process

We take the finest 925 Sterling Silver and cast our pieces by hand, one by one. Then, we sublimate designs onto metal squares that fit the silver snugly.

The designs are infinite: an album cover, meaningful song lyrics or even a photo of a treasured ticket stub.

As required, we also offer every piece in exquisite gold vermeil. We also carry a variety of chains in weights and styles to suit the pendants; from snake chains with satellite balls, to heavy belcher chains in silver and gold vermeil.

We polish each piece to a mirror shine and place them into boxes, that can be provided for you with your logo on the lid, in many different colours from metallic to gloss.

bespoke design

No minimum order quantities, fast turnaround and dropshipping options are available for you. We are also pleased to offer a bespoke design service at an extremely affordable price. You want 3d 925 Sterling Silver skulls with your logo? No problem.

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